Kennedy Assassination. Chapter 8.

January 20, 1961:

“Then there was the Inauguration in January 1961. . . . The crowd was applauding some bold assertion Kennedy had just made.” Page 172. This picture was taken by my brother Jim who, while serving in the Navy, attended John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration.


November 22, 1963:

“I spent the morning, as was usual that year, in Mrs. Stewart’s fourth grade class. I recently saw a candid photograph of several students in the classroom. Pinned on the corkboard along the wall is a festive set of Thanksgiving images: Pilgrims, turkeys. The photographer froze a moment in our young lives. On November 22, Thanksgiving was six days away. The picture likely was taken that week, possibly that very day.” Pages 171-72. (Identifiable in the picture: I am front and center; along the corkboard are Donna Thompson, Mike Childers and Glenn Speck.)

reunion.4th grade candid

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