The Reunion. Chapter 13.

David Floyd and I. “David was thoughtful enough to come to my mother’s funeral in 2001, the first time we had been together in many years.” Page 284.


Before the picnic: “Jerry McNeely drove me to Puskus Lake, where in 1966 we had gone as part of the Royal Ambassadors from Temple Baptist Church for that farewell-to-boyhood campout.” Page 318.


At the picnic:

“Tommy Turner, neighbor of my grandparents, who sometimes had mowed their yard.” Page 319.


“Lorraine Henry Ballard came—my old typing teacher who had needed no explanations from me.” Page 319.


“David Lindsey drove down from Memphis—the boy I had so wronged and the man with whom I was now so happily reconciled.” Page 319.


At the class reunion July 7, 2012: “A picture taken at the
end of the program showed fifteen class members, a majority of the
twenty-six still living.” Page 320. Front: David Floyd, Don Dorman, Janice Patterson Messer, Bobbie Nell Cousar Smithey, Brenda Towery Fortune, Bill Cook; back: Mary Lindsey Foley, Donnie Schuman, Donna Heaton Carr, Barbara Blythe Keenum, Glenda Ausburn Simmons, Rita Murry Thompson, Paula Still Wilemon, Glenn Speck, Alfred Steward.


After the reunion: Sunday dinner with Sammy and Jimma Hood: Sammy “remains the same fun-loving, gentle soul I knew so long ago.” Page 322.


“I spent the balance of the afternoon running around with Glenn Speck. We visited his home, where he and Gail raise miniature horses, and then drove around some of his old haunts.” Page 322.


Final visit with Johnny and Charlotte Brownlee. My old Scout leader gave assurance: “I hadn’t been a quitter after all.” Page 323.


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